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Chef Antonia Lofaso wearing Chefletics chefwear

Dear Family & Friends,


I'm thrilled to invite you to the launch of Chefletics: innovative, fashion-forward chef apparel! We've re-designed classic chef attire with modern styles, the highest quality of fabrics, and our new patent-pending technology ChefDry, that you didn't even know you were missing in the kitchen!


Chefletics, however, is much more than just apparel, it's a lifestyle. I grew up with strong Italian roots, where food and community gathered around the kitchen table was apart of our day-to-day life.


As chefs, everything we do in the kitchen mirrors such duality, we learn to master the classics, while infusing our own signature style. Our work is extremely physical, yet we need to maintain an element of professionalism. I found myself, along with other chefs struggling with wanting to maintain a professional appearance, while needing apparel that allowed versatile mobility and functionality.


Chefletics is meant to merge the classic elements with new technology that allows chefs to move easier, stay cool, and feel the best in the kitchen.


It represents my passion, love, and commitment for this industry, and this is why I'm thrilled to share Chefletics with you.


Eat Well. Cook Well. Be Inspired.



Co-Founder Chefletics

Stay Cool. Look Sharp.


Revolutionizing the way you look & feel in culinary apparel.

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